We are an incubator for innovative community garden programs. Earthshare Gardens facilitates and initiates new garden ideas to benefit our Lafayette community. 

Some history of our community programs:

Our Community Roots program offered advice and resources to help start school, neighborhood, after-school and

community gardens around Acadiana.

In 2013 alone, The FoodNet Foodbank received more than 3,000lbs of fresh vegetables, grown in a dedicated

“Come Grow with Me” donation garden, founded in 2012 at Earthshare Gardens.

The “H.A.L.T. Giving Garden” is an innovative partnership that provides at-risk teens with a hands-on gardening and community service experience, led by counselors from the juvenile drug court program of the 15th Judicial District Court. Supported by Earthshare Gardens from 2010-2014 and still ongoing as an independent program.