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Community Supported Agriculture – CSA – an arrangement where shareholders/members buy a CSA subscription at the start of a growing season and then receive weekly or bi-weekly “shares” of produce. Shareholder participation with garden work is a cornerstone of the community aspect for a CSA.  Working members commit to help in the garden for 2 hours per share pickup (24 or 12 hrs per season).  Work is assigned as they are able with planting, harvest, weeding or tilling.  Each produce share is a quantity of food divided equally among all the shareholders, typically enough for a family of 4 to eat fresh vegetables for a week.  We have three 12-week seasons each year.

Although most CSA’s in this country are set up as for-profit ventures organized by a farmer, we wanted ours to be community guided.  We decided to become a non-profit, so we could focus not on making money but on making good food available to everyone. At the time of our founding we were only the second CSA in the state.

Participation in the CSA supports our extraordinary giving! Our CSA is unique because every share purchased produces additional value - your share of vegetables and an extra amount of produce for donation to one of our local partners.  These donations ensure fresh, healthy food is available for community members in need.

We offer two frequency options, Weekly or Bi-Weekly shares.  A Weekly Shareholder receives a box of produce every week for the season, typically 12 pick-ups.  A Bi-Weekly shareholder receives a box of produce every-other week for the duration of the season, typically 6 pick-ups.


CSA Share Price How the voluntary sliding scale works:

1) Choose a Weekly or Bi-Weekly Share 
2) Choose the Working or Non-Working rate

                               Bi-Weekly    Weekly
         Working      $90                $180
Non-Working      $180              $360


Many Hands make Light Work

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